Hammersmith Ladies – so far so good!

Yesterday despite half of the team turned up almost an hour late (no Looi to tell us on the clock changing) we managed to finish our games by 5.56 pm! It was a good win which gives us 80% success rate (played 6 won5) and should we continue with the performance, we actually stand a good chance for promotion this year.

PS- We would also like to take credit for scaring off the Acton boys who were meant to turn up to play Hammermsith mens yesterday and never did – what a walk over!

Special thanks to Polly, Katy and Ying who have been so supportive and committed to this ladies team for the 3rd year in the running, couldn’t have gone this far without you!


A McChung announcement

As you can see I’m bored at work and so would like to take this opportunity to advertise the commencement of the Tolli McChung Badminton SuperLeague on Mar 29th. After the false start on the 22nd I can guarantee the session will be running on the 29th as we don’t have any matches. Please note this is not a KP only league, so if you know of anybody who would like to attend please get them to contact myself or Tolli. Ta !!

Surrey Mens 1 win yet again!

It’s with great pleasure that I inform you dear members that Surrey Mens 1 have yet again come home victorious. We won Clandon Mens 2, 5-4. Many thanks to those who played in this crucial match, Mannie ‘The Hammer’ Panesar, Looi ‘The Wise One’) Oon, Matt ‘Thundercat’ Weaver, David ‘Kaboom’ Lee and my sturdy sidekick Wan ‘Obelix’ of the McChung clan.

This means we have now won 4 games out of 6 and have now guaranteed us 4th place, with a good shot at 2nd in the league.

Dan, I know you’re out there and I know you will play for me again, get well soon buddy so I can enjoy your witty shots once again.