King Penguins B.C. are currently recruiting Ladies for their Mixed (Surrey, Sutton and Hammersmith) and Ladies team (Hammersmith but will consider Surrey or Sutton leagues too) .. so ladies if you are looking for a friendly club with a competitive edge why not come and try us out .. please check our About page for contact details ..

Theng’s baby boy Jason!

We would like to congratulate Theng and Fei Jing on their new baby boy, Jason Goh who was born at 20:24 pm on Sat 7-April-07 weights a healthy 2.9 kg (same birthday as Millie)!

We wish them the best of luck in nappy and milk bottle management and look forward to seeing Jason as a new badminton star in a few years from now.

Baby Jason.JPG

All England 2007

Another fun weekend trip to the Birmingham NIA gave us the chance of meeting Lin Dan (World #1 Mens Singles) in person and turned us (the ladies) into big Lin Dan fans now. After watching the finals we are all dreaming about our husband/boyfriend/partners giving us flowers each time we played a match – just like Lin Dan had done for girlfiend Xi Zin Fang when she won the All England 2007 Ladies Singles. arrrrah. Life is not fair!!

All England 2007.JPG Millie & Lin Dan.JPG

Bristol 2007

Once again it is time for the Penguins to trek far afield to play in one of the most enjoyable and fun tournaments to be held by the club.
This event will be held once again at the Redwood Hotel and Country Club, Bristol from Saturday 5th May to Monday 7th May. For news of the previous event at Redwood and Norwich please visit the activities page.

This year we will be welcoming guests from Clifton Badminton Club from York and Vale Farm B.C. from Harrow.

We look forward to another successful and fun weekend with all our friends and members.

For further details please contact Looi.