Congratulations to Surrey Ladies team!

Congratulations to KP’s Surrey ladies team who had been promoted into Surrey Division 2 for the 2012/13 season. This would not have happened without the help of: Emma, Helen, Jessica, Katy, Rachel, Jane, Ao and Ying.

Let’s hope we will sharpen our acts further and pick up some experience to work together as a team in the new season. Thank you ladies for a fantastic year we have had!

Also very sad to see Jess going to university next year but we hope she will come back and see us on court during her uni holidays. Good luck with the studies Jess, you will be missed!

Congratulations to Surrey Ladies Team’s Promotion!

KP Surrey Ladies team has had a successful 2011/12 season and was prompted into Surrey Division 2 for the 2012/13 season.

Many thanks to the dedicated girls in the team: Emma Dudley, Ao, Ying, Jane, Rachel, Katy. We hope to be able to pick up more experience and sharpen our acts in the new division this year.

2008 All England

The All England baddie trip was another briliant get together badminton weekeCheap Pandora Australia Sale findings nd and we were pleasantly surprised to meet the Malaysian and Danish squads who were also staying at Novotel.

There were 35 of us this year, plus 3 babies – Nicolas, James and Abbie. For those of you who watched the Sky Sports Live Badminton, you would probably have heard Abbie cheering (moaning?) while Lin Dan played his final and also caught a clear glimpse of her sitting on David’s laps on TV on Friday (Quarter Final Japanes mens double match). The camera man also cleverly cropped Looi from shoulder upwards to miss his roast duck lunch box which he was digging into at the time. Needless to say, the ‘yellow corner’ was clearly visible in the audience on TV on the final day.

We shall mark the return of yellow t-shirt force to the NIA next year betCheap Pandora Bracelets Australia ween 6-8 March 2009. Please ask Millie to include you in the tour if you are interested.

 Abbie on TV.jpg All England 2008 Gang.jpgHorace and Koo Kien Keat (Malaysia Mens Doubles).jpg

Gao Lin 2008.jpg Gao Lin and Zheng Bo.jpg Yellow shirts.jpg

End of the 2007 Match Season

2007 Ladies team 800.jpg

The last match of this season was played on Mon 30-Apr by the Hammersmith Ladies team with a whopping winning result of 15-1! Our ladies team has performed exceptionally well this year but is sadly 1 game away gorgeous Cheap Pandora Charms UK jewelry from winning the division title & promotion. Still, we are the 2nd best performing team in the KP squad with 80% winning rate – so hats off to the ladies!

As of next season, Katy will be taking over the captaincy and I hope you will all support her to help this ladies team grow evesony Pandora Earrings UK n stronger in 2008. Come on girls!

Theng’s baby boy Jason!

We would like to congratulate Theng and Fei Jing on their new baby boy, Jason Goh who was born at 20:24 pm on Sat 7-April-07 weights a healthy 2.9 kg (same birthday as Millie)!

We wish them the best of luck in nappy and milk bottle management and look forward to seeing Jason as a new badminton star in a few years from now.

Baby Jason.JPG

All England 2007

Another fun weekend trip to the Birmingham NIA gave us the chance of meeting Lin Dan (World #1 Mens Singles) in person and turned us (the ladies) into big Lin Dan fans now. After watching the finals we are all dreaming about our husband/boyfriend/partners giving us flowers each time we played a match – just like Lin Dan had done for girlfiend Xi Zin Fang when she won the All England 2007 Ladies Singles. arrrrah. Life is not fair!!

All England 2007.JPG Millie & Lin Dan.JPG

Hammersmith Ladies – so far so good!

Yesterday despite half of the team turned up almost an hour late (no Looi to tell us on the clock changing) we managed to finish our games by 5.56 pm! It was a good win which gives us 80% success rate (played 6 won5) and should we continue with the performance, we actually stand a good chance for promotion this year.

PS- We would also like to take credit for scaring off the Acton boys who were meant to turn up to play Hammermsith mens yesterday and never did – what a walk over!

Special thanks to Polly, Katy and Ying who have been so supportive and committed to this ladies team for the 3rd year in the running, couldn’t have gone this far without you!