Early Days

1992 – Penguin Badminton Club was formed by 10 players who wanted a fun club, playing with others who enjoyed good spirited competition.

Early 2003 – The club’s success was so rapid that within 10 years we had 60+ members and 14 teams in the Surrey and Sutton Leagues. The success of both the competitive and social sections meant that we had reached limitations in terms of growth. We realised that we we had to come to a very sad decision. This decision was to split the club to ensure the continued growth and success of both clubs – Penguin and King Penguins Badminton Club.

New Dawn

September 2003 – King Penguins Badminton Club was born. Its members were drawn mainly from the league teams of the old club. New members are always welcome, for those looking for a friendly club to play competitive and league badminton. 

August 2004 – Due to current constraints on court times and membership numbers we are sorry that we will not be able to accept new members automatically. Visitors are always welcome during the summer. Please contact us before turning up to avoid any embarassment or disappointments.

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