We would like to send our congratulations and best wishes to the following:

Mike and Sarah Randles on the birth of their daughter Chloe on sat 5th Aug at 13:27 weighing in at a healthy 7lbs 8ozs.

Philippa & Matthew Weaver (click to view photos) and Jeanine & Richard Nicholson who recently got married.

Joanne & Ian on the birth of their son and Duleep Nagahawatte and his wife on the birth of their daughter.

More details and hopefully some pics will be on their way.







  King Penguins League Teams Performance and Results Table

To find out how all the league teams are doing click on League Performance Results


Bristol Club Annual Badminton Tournament


The club recently held it’s annual tournament at the new venue of the Bristol Corus Hotel. This was held over the first May Bank Holiday weekend of Sat 29th April to Mon 1st May.Please make a note of next year’s tournament dates: Sat 5th – Mon 7th May 2007. Hope to see everyone and lots of new faces too.



I would like to thank all of those who attended the weekend and for making it such a fun and enjoyable time together with some outstanding performances on the badminton court.We welcomed 2 ‘novices’ at the tournament – Jacqui Darnell and Dan Shipp.Our thanks also go to Janet Simpkins for baking a special ’10th Anniversary’ cake for the weekend.On our last night at the hotel some fine entertainment was provided by the talented Mr Ricky Evans and his singing troupe.

Ron Seoman Trophy 2nd Runners-Up: Gill & Richard McIntosh



1st Runners-Up: Sue Fletcher & Daniel Chang
Winners: Janet Simpkins & Andrew Summerfield

Oh No! McIntosh Trophy Runners-Up: Sue Fletcher & Benny Nur
Winners: Gill McIntosh & Andrew Summerfield
To see past winners: Click on Annual Tournament Winners
Team Event Winners – Team Jackal



Congratulations to the Surrey Mix 2 and Mens 2 on their success at winning their respective divisions. Well done to all the team members and the captains for doing such a marvellous job.
Congratulations to the Surrey Mix and Surrey Mens 2 on winning their Surrey Junior Cup Finals.

Surrey Men Junior Cup – Won by King Penguins 5 – 4 Date: Monday 24th April Time: 7:30 – 10:00pm Opposition: DorkingThis was a close fought game where the team came from a 2 – 4 deficit to win the last 3 rubbers to win the match by a scoreline of 5 – 4. Team: Jay Wataranan & Wan Chung Matthew Weaver (captain) & David Lee Daron Green & Edward Grigson Surrey Mixed Junior Cup – Won by King Penguins 9 – 0 Date: Thursday 27th April Time: 7:00 – 10:30pm (Approx) Opposition: DorkingTeam: Katy Wilson & Andrew Summerfield (captain on the night) Sue Fletcher & Tom Allen Jacqui Darnell & Dan Shipp

It’s a Knockout!!


Sara at the World Softball Championships (USA)

For those of you who are not aware, Sara from King Penguins B.C. recently took part in the World Softball Championships held in the USA. To learn more about how Sara and the British team did – read on:The new edition of the BSUK Softball Newsletter and the ESF Newsletter are now available. It is installed in the Downloads section of the BaseballSoftballUK website at You can visit the website to read it, or download it from the site immediately by clicking on this link: You can click on this link to view the ESF Newsletter


Millie’s charity parachute jump – 2004

For those of you who sponsored Millie in her parachute jump last year but did not have a chance to see the pics, click on Parachute Jump to learn and see more …


A day in his training schedule – from Bindi

Hey Millie

How’s it going with everything, I aint heard from u in ages hope everything is good. How your Badminton coming along, how’s penguins what nights is penguins on know.

U know what im really looking forward to coming back I have to remain very strong until the time I have left, coz its hard and im really alone and finding it hard but I suppose that’s what I have to go through and stuff to make me strong and fight through it. The training times have changed Monday to Friday I train 8am to 11am and then have a rest eat and have a nap then I get ready for 3am session to 6am. I train on Saturdays from 8am to 1am. So it’s quiet a mission lol. Being here is making me a very strong person its like at times I don’t feel like going training and stuff but I I always get up and make sure I go no matter what.

I still think that its going to be really hard for until now and the time im coming back, say hi to everyone from me and I’ve my wishes. I am doing some really good stuff in my training programme. I got injured the other day, luckily im ok know I went for a long jog after a while my knee was really hurting and I could play for move it, after a days rest it was ok.

U can give me a call sometime lol don’t be shy lol hope to hear from you soon until next time u take care and keep up the Badminton.


Love bindi xxx






A day in his training schedule – from Bindi (Dec 13th)

Hey Millie, Hey whass up aint yeard from u in time… hows things going in the u.k…im missing everyone so much and cant wait to come back and see u lot… hows the badminton going with u…u inproving lol.hows penguins… are there any new good players?how are the matches goijg i hope to play all the match once i arrive in england i have to remain really strong as the training is tough cant let anything get in the way. everyday im playing badminton and training hard, i feel i have improved which is the main thing…my coach pushes me and no matter what makes me finish what he gives me to do.which makes me stronger… i love badminton and would love to give it my best and see where i can reach. my aim is to play at the highest level i can…and basically give it my coming from malaysia had really tought me alot and i have learnt many things…i have become a much stronger person and learnt that in life if u really want something u have to cray and fight for it…i have always enjoyed badminton and know i think its about time that i trained hard and play hard and reach a certain level so i can look back and see what i have done….canrt wait to come back and play badminton i can then really see what i have learnt. ive put on weight lol the food is nice and ive got use to it i love the fruits here like the rumber thumb lovely i will try bring some for u to try… anyways keep in touch and hope to chat and see you soon…. say high to david and everyone at penguins and let them know i miss them all. until next time take care love shuttle master






The New Generation

To view the next generation of players, click on The New Generation




Racquet Recycling – A Special Thank You


We would like to thank the generosity of our club members and their friends for giving their ‘old’ racquets to others who would make use of them.

I am sure there will be many ‘new’ players who will get the pleasure of using them. In turn, we hope they will promote the game by introducing many more new players.

A special thank you goes to: Debbie, Sue, Matthew W, Pam and Alan.







HOT!!!! Just off the Press. New Arrival in the Lee household.

Congratulations and best wishes to the proud parents, David and Isabel Lee on the birth of their baby daughter. She arrived in this world on Sunday 6th March at 5:00 am weighing in at a health 6.9 pounds. Both parents and daughter are doing well.

Click on the pic to enlarge:

Click on More Pics to see more of Isabel & David’s daughter.




In need of a restring? Has David got competition? Who would you go to? Judge for yourself!!


Jay’s Travel Blog To learn more about where Jay is now, click on Travel Map and to see what he’s been up to, click on Travel Blog. To view the photos of his trip so far, click on MY PHOTOS .




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