Surrey Mens 1 win yet again!

It’s with great pleasure that I inform you dear members that Surrey Mens 1 have yet again come home victorious. We won Clandon Mens 2, 5-4. Many thanks to those who played in this crucial match, Mannie ‘The Hammer’ Panesar, Looi ‘The Wise One’) Oon, Matt ‘Thundercat’ Weaver, David ‘Kaboom’ Lee and my sturdy sidekick Wan ‘Obelix’ of the McChung clan.

This means we have now won 4 games out of 6 and have now guaranteed us 4th place, with a good shot at 2nd in the league.

Dan, I know you’re out there and I know you will play for me again, get well soon buddy so I can enjoy your witty shots once again.


A note from Manch

Manch1.JPGHi guys, how are you doing? It’s a bit cold in Beijing right now, -5 today and -10 on Friday. I’ve been invited to play in the Chinese National Badminton Team Centre the past few weeks with the Olympic Organization, it’s a very nice place to play (perfect lights and 20 Championship courts). I play twice a week at the moment when I can.

Hope everybody is well! Check out some of my challengers…… they lost :)!!

Take care,